Testimonial Quote’s – a selection of kind words gratefully received from some of our clients.

“Thankyou so very much for all your help and advice that you have given me throughout my transition to hair loss as a result of my chemotherapy. From the very start of choosing a wig you made the whole process far more bearable than I ever thought would be possible. It was actually quite enjoyable! Your caring and calm nature made me feel I was in such safe hands”
“You will be pleased to hear that I feel very happy and confident with ‘Tatum’ and my friends all think it looks great!”
“You are a credit to Trevor Sorbie and I have no doubt that you will be able to help so many other people who find themselves in a similar situation to myself”
“A huge thank you for my lovely new hair. You are such a star doing this for people like me. Two work colleagues took me to lunch yesterday and thought the wig was stunning”
“I just wanted to thank you again. The trim you gave my wig has made such a difference”
“My husband was extremely surprised and so thrilled when he picked me up! I feel much more confident about various meetings now – thank you.”
“Thank you so much for the ‘haircut’ yesterday. I kept my wig on all afternoon and felt so much happier”
“Brilliant – I came away very happy and confident that with the help and advice from Caron I have found the ideal place to purchase and try before buying.”
“I was so unhappy with the style of my two wigs but after you trimmed them I can now wear them both”
“Caron I can’t thank you enough. It used to take me two hours every day before I could even think of going out. You really have changed my life”
“This is one of the best things I have found on the internet. I have spent time and had disappointment on buying through the internet. The bonus with Caron is you have a very private consultation in a private room. The added bonus is that Caron is a professional hairdresser and has taken a special course in wig cutting and styling. My latest wig does look like my own hair and is very stylish.”
“The reaction I’ve had from everybody has been brilliant, particularly when a number of people just thought I’d had a new hairstyle done. Everyone has been amazed at how realistic the wig looks”
“I would just like to thank you again for the patience and helpfulness you showed me during the trying on session. I am so happy with my wig. I would certainly recommend you to anyone.”
“I am indebted to Caron for the care she showed me during this difficult time. She helped me all the way through to feel normal”
“The difference she makes styling the wig to suit the individual is unbelievable”
“Caron took the utmost time and care to ensure I was completely happy with the way my new ‘hair’ looks. The style and colour chosen is flattering and so natural. I cannot recommend Caron highly enough”
“I was so tense and worried that there would be nothing that would suit me and everything would look terrible. I was so wrong, thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel so relieved and happy”
“For the first time in 7 years I feel like I have been to the hairdressers! I’ve got a new hairstyle. Its brilliant”
“My family was completely taken aback at how realistic it looked. The icing on the cake was when we went to Brown’s and the waitress said to me ‘I love your hair, have you just had it done?’!!!
“You gave me the confidence to go to the wedding. Family and friends were really pleased to see me and said I looked really well. It was lovely and felt so good. I got such a boost.”