2535_Connie_2010_02-300x297Alopecia is the medical description for the loss of hair from the head or body. It can result from a number of different factors or conditions such as stress, chemotherapy, iron deficiency, age or even hereditary aspects. It is often sudden and is generally unpredictable with varying degrees of severity; thinning, patches or even complete baldness.

Sadly, medical hair loss is commonly seen as an unfortunate side effect and as such given little regard or consideration despite often having a traumatic and devastating impact on an individual’s confidence and their self esteem. These feelings are often underrated and ignored and cause an unnecessary additional burden. With the right help and support this can be overcome.

For many, a wig or a hairpiece is seen as a remedy to the problem and when selected and fitted carefully, can prove to be highly successful. The quality of wigs and hair pieces available today is better than ever.

CassidyOffering vast choice and using modern new materials they provide realistic texture, curl and wonderful colour, and can be worn comfortably for much longer periods of time. With careful consideration in selection and additional personal styling, by cutting, texturing, and tailoring the finish, they can provide the most fantastic results.

For more detailed information on Alopecia and other medical hair-loss conditions, please use the links we have provided on our contacts page.

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