Wigs, hair pieces and toppers have fast become an essential glamorous fashion accessory. Many ladies of all ages, including a number of celebrities, have recognised the possibilities these items can present to their wardrobe. As technology evolves and new materials are created, wigs and hairpieces have become ever more realistic and more comfortable and secure to wear. The range of styles, lengths and colours from which to choose from is vast.

Easy to use, dramatic ‘temporary’ transformations in appearance and image are easy to achieve and are incredibly effective.

As hair extensions have become more commonplace and acceptable due to their much improved appearance, so too have wigs and hair pieces.

The key difference is that you can easily remove the wig or hairpiece at the end of an evening or after that special occasion and re-use it again and again. Look at it as simply accessorizing your outfit or changing shoes to match!

RobinAt Long for Hair, through consultation we will assist and advise in finding the right item that will suit you. Whether you have short hair and want long, or maybe you have long hair and would like an optional shorter style; perhaps a carefully matched elegantly ‘pinned up’ tail for a wedding, ball or prom, or maybe a complete colour transformation; whatever your desire, making the right initial selection is essential.

We are here to help you in making that decision considering your complexion, colour tone, face shape and personality, so you can feel completely confident in your choice.

All wigs and toppers are cut and styled, personalised to perfectly fit and suit you. This usually involves removing excess weight of hair by slicing; thinning-out, texturing and cutting-in or trimming the fringe to match. Our hairpieces are fitted to ensure they blend beautifully with your own hair.

Finally, we make sure you are happy putting the item on yourself and that you know how to look after it so that it looks great for many years to come.

Suppliers of wigs to Oxfordshire and Berkshire, Oxford, Reading, Newbury, Wallingford, Abingdon, Wantage, Didcot, Henley and surrounding area.