About us

Long for Hair has been established by professional hairstylist Caron Collins. Her goal is to provide discrete, compassionate and considerate wig supply and personalisation services to South Oxfordshire and North Berkshire.

AYAPersonal experience in 2008 supporting a close friend highlighted the dramatic impact and traumatic effect that sudden hair loss can have on an individual, especially in their confidence and self esteem. It also led to Caron identifying major shortcomings of services available in the region for people suffering gradual, temporary or permanent hair loss and who were considering the use of a wig as a solution. The alternative was to travel further afield, some would regard a significant distance, and the experience proved to be very disappointing. Having then looked at more wigs, this time acquired via mail order, it became clear as to how stigma and negative stereotypes regarding the general appearance of wigs had developed.

Coco Iced MochaCaron felt it was not the actual products that were the issue; there are some superb wigs and hairpieces available, well made and incredibly realistic. It is plain to see why wigs are fast becoming ‘must have’ modern fashion accessories for those wanting dramatic, believable temporary changes to their image. The problem is the ‘one size fits all’ type of approach. It simply does not work for something so personal, that play’s such an important part in reflecting character and defining a persons overall appearance.

Further research into this problem led to Caron meeting with internationally renowned hairstylist Trevor Sorbie. Trevor not only held a similar opinion, he had shared a very similar experience which culminated in him establishing the ‘My New Hair’ project. Its principle aim is to establish a network of trained professionals who can advise and support people in finding good quality wigs, assisting in their careful selection and then personalising them by specialist cutting. The results truly speak for themselves.

Recognising that this was exactly the type of service missing from the area and now passionately determined to change the situation, Caron attended the L’Oreal academy in London undergoing extensive and practical training with Trevor. She has completed further training with leading supplier of wigs and hairpieces, Trendco and continues to work as an established freelance hairstylist.

Long for Hair is proud to be an associate of Trevor Sorbie’s ‘My New Hair’.

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Suppliers of wigs to Oxfordshire and Berkshire, Oxford, Reading, Newbury, Wallingford, Abingdon, Wantage, Didcot, Henley and surrounding area.